My Background

I have worked at The Law Offices of Warner Mendenhall, Inc. since 2016 starting as a law clerk and now am an associate attorney. Like Warner Mendenhall, I have a strong interest in public service. I have served in the United States Army National Guard and Army Reserve in varying capacities since 2010 from the rank of Private to First Lieutenant. I am currently a Civil Affairs officer in the Army Reserve as a governance and foreign-culture expert. Outside of work, I enjoy reading history, traveling, and experiencing new cultures throughout the world. I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, so I am an adamant – albeit cursed – Browns fan who has a fierce loyalty to our community. I live in the city limits of Cleveland and regularly commute to our office in Akron and courts throughout Northeast Ohio. I love the public service, challenging work, and the local impact of our mission-oriented practice at The Law Offices of Warner Mendenhall.

My Education

I graduated high school with honors as the top student in the social studies department from Twinsburg High School – located between Cleveland and Akron. I then attended the University of Michigan and became the first student there to graduate with honors in a new interdisciplinary program called Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics (PPE). The PPE program gave me the ultimate pre-law education, which allows me to craft legal strategies to further our client’s economic and political goals. Further, my formal training in the scientific method and data analysis gives me the ability to identify legal wrongdoing in complex systems.

I returned to Cleveland to attend law school at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, where I graduated summa cum laude. At law school, I focused my studies on international law, property law, business law, and venture finance. I spent my final year working at the Intellectual Property Venture Clinic, where I assisted local technology start-ups form a company, patent intellectual property, trademark products, and secure over $150,000 in venture finance funding. While attending law school, I also worked at the Law Offices of Warner Mendenhall as a law clerk gaining first-hand experience in municipal law, false claims law, and property law.

My Practice

Since being admitted to the bar, I have developed a unique law practice focused on my interests and strengths. I have extensive experience in investigating whistleblower allegations, drafting qui tam complaints, and litigating non-intervened false claim act cases in federal court. To date, I have filed and participated in over twenty qui tam cases ranging from medical fraud to government contract fraud. In addition to qui tams, I have developed a class action practice within the firm by partnering with large class action firms throughout the country. My class action practice focuses on representing oil and gas property owners, who oil and gas companies cheat out of royalties.

In addition to multi-million dollar qui tam and class action lawsuits, I represent established small business owners and start-up entrepreneurs in matters ranging from civil litigation to real estate transactions to venture finance. I have represented small businesses against municipalities, counties, state agencies, and large corporations in property and business disputes. I have also negotiated real estate transactions for commercial real property and venture finance for start-up companies.

In line with our mission practice of holding large corporations and government accountable, I also have extensive litigation experience in civil rights, municipal, and electoral litigation. I have represented parents against schools, citizens against local officials, and aspiring public servants against boards of elections.



I will apply extensive legal, political, and economic expertise to your problem and craft a unique solution to advance your goals. I am fiercely competitive and am not afraid to face any foe – no matter the size. I am dedicated to our law firm’s mission statement:

No opponent too big, no client too small. We hold companies, governments, and other institutions accountable and FIGHT FOR JUSTICE.



  • State of Ohio
  • Northern District of Ohio
  • Southern District of Ohio
  • Ohio Supreme Court


  • 2010 H.S Diploma with Honors from Twinsburg H.S; 4.2 GPA; Social Studies Department Award
  • 2014 BA Degree in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics with Honors from the University of Michigan; 3.65 GPA
  • 2017 Juris Doctorate Cum Laude from Case Western Reserve University School of Law; GPA 3.55 Rank: 30 of 149


  •  2014 Commission in US Army National Guard Field Artillery as 2nd Lieutenant
  • 2015 Moyer Fellowship from Ohio State Bar Association