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Have you been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense in Akron, Ohio or Boston, MA? Facing a criminal charge can be a stressful, frightening experience, but it’s important to remember that you have rights and there are skilled, caring attorneys who will fight to protect them.

At Mendenhall Law Group, our legal team is comprised of experienced and seasoned criminal defense attorneys and retired law enforcement investigators who will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible result in your case, whether that’s getting your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Our mission is to seek freedom and justice for those facing criminal charges in Ohio or Boston.

We know the outcome of your case can affect your future, which is why we’re determined to provide you with the best legal counsel available and an aggressive defense. Throughout the process, we will maintain open communication with you, so you always know what to expect next. We’ll be by your side every step of the way.

If you have been arrested and need immediate legal representation, contact our office today. We want to give you the best chance of obtaining a favorable outcome.

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When to Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested for a crime, the time to call an experienced criminal defense attorney is right now. Do not wait to get in touch with legal counsel. Too often, people tend to think that calling an attorney will make them look guilty. Or an individual thinks that they can talk their way out of a serious situation. The reality is if you’ve been arrested, you need immediate representation.

First and foremost, an experienced criminal defense attorney will protect your rights. They’ll handle communication, for example, so your words can’t be used against you. You deserve to have someone on your side making sure that you are being protected and treated fairly.


Misdemeanor and Felony Arrests in Ohio

Both a misdemeanor and a felony arrest can significantly impact your quality of life. However, a misdemeanor offense carries the possibility of a fine and jail time, while a felony offense can mean steep fines and a lengthy prison sentence.

Misdemeanors are typically less serious infractions of the law, which means someone convicted of this type of crime will typically receive a lighter sentence. Misdemeanor crimes tend to also move more quickly through the court system. Misdemeanor offenses are categorized by degrees, first-degree being the most serious misdemeanor offense.

Examples of misdemeanor crimes include:

  • Petty theft
  • Criminal trespass
  • Loitering for the purpose of prostitution
  • Vandalism
  • Negligent assault
  • Certain traffic violations
  • Driving under suspension
  • Disorderly conduct

The punishment for misdemeanor charges in Ohio can include fines, jail time, or a combination of both. The degree of the offense will guide how the courts sentence an individual if they are convicted. These punishments may include:


First-degree misdemeanor

  • Up to 180 days in jail
  • Fines up to $1,000

Second-degree misdemeanor

  • Up to 90 days in jail
  • Fines up to $750

Third-degree misdemeanor

  • Jail time up to 60 days
  • Fines up to $500

Fourth-degree misdemeanor

  • Jail time up to 30 days
  • Fines up to $250

Minor misdemeanor

  • Fines up to $150

Felony offenses are much more serious crimes. Felonies are also categorized by degree, again, with first-degree felonies being the most severe and fifth-degree felonies being the least. The punishment for felony crimes may include lengthy prison time and hefty fines. Examples of felony crimes may include:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual conduct with a minor
  • Grand theft auto

Recent changes to Ohio law make sentencing for first- and second-degree felonies a little more complicated. A judge can choose a minimum sentence of either three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, or 11 years for a first-degree offense. The judge can then add an additional 50 percent of that minimum to reach the maximum term.

The same applies to second-degree felony offenses. A judge may select a two, three, four, five, six, seven, or eight-year minimum and then add an additional 50 percent of the minimum to reach the maximum.

The maximum fine for a first-degree felony is $20,000, and the maximum fine for a second-degree felony is $15,000.

Third-degree felony

  • Prison time from 9 to 36 months, up to 60 months for certain offenses
  • Fines up to $10,000

Fourth-degree felony

  • Prison time from 6 to 18 months
  • Fines up to $5,000

Fifth-degree felony

  • Prison time from 6 to 12 months
  • Fines up to $2,500

Certain drug offenses can be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony. Ohio also imposes mandatory prison terms on certain types of crimes. Cases of murder, rape, or attempted rape of a minor under the age of 13 may carry a specific penalty or penalty range.

Murder and aggravated murder are not classified by degree. Instead, the crime of murder can carry an indefinite term of 15 years to life in prison. An aggravated murder conviction can mean the potential for the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Why Choose Mendenhall Law Group to Handle My Case?

Even a misdemeanor criminal conviction can wreak havoc on your life. A felony conviction can end up shattering it completely. Prison time and large fines are only the beginning. Depending on your offense, you may also face probation and having your name placed on a sex offender registry.

These are the legal consequences of a conviction. A conviction may also strain your personal and professional relationships as well as your ability to secure work, housing, and financial assistance.

The team at Mendenhall Law Group knows how a criminal conviction can impact your life both today and tomorrow. That is why we aggressively fight to protect you. Our team has extensive experience handling a wide range of criminal cases. Justice and freedom aren’t just words to us, they are what we strive to achieve every day for clients like you.


Areas of Criminal Law

The criminal defense team at Mendenhall Law Group has experience handling a variety of different criminal law areas. Some of the types of cases we frequently represent include:

  • Drug crimes
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Operating a vehicle under the influence
  • Assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Fraud
  • Felony offenses
  • Misdemeanor offenses
  • Criminal appeals

If you are facing any criminal charges, contact the team at Mendenhall Law Group for help. We can review your situation and provide you with the legal advice you need during this difficult time.


What to Do If You Have Been Arrested in Ohio

At Mendenhall Law Group, we understand that being arrested is a uniquely frightening experience. The most important thing you can do, although not the easiest, is to remain calm. You have rights. Understanding those rights may be critical as you move forward through the legal process.

  • You have the right to remain silent – Law enforcement officers must advise you of your legal rights while making an arrest. One of the most important rights you have is the right to remain silent. It is seldom in your best interest to be questioned by police without an attorney present. Simply state that you wish to remain silent and would like to talk to an attorney. However, this statement may not be enough. You must follow through. Once you invoke your right to remain silent, stay silent. Do not continue talking and do not continue to answer questions. Do not try to talk your way of the situation.
  • Contact an attorney – To protect your rights, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Get in touch with a criminal defense attorney immediately and let them direct you on what your next steps should be.
  • Avoid questionable activities – If you have been charged with a crime, avoid all activities that may result in another arrest or run-in with law enforcement. It is also vital that you stay off social media and do not talk about your situation online. This information may be found and potentially used against you by a prosecuting attorney.
  • Follow the advice of your attorney – It isn’t enough to retain an attorney, you need to follow your attorney’s instructions and heed their advice. Being charged with a criminal offense can cause tension, stress, and anxiety, but do not lose your head. It is also crucial that you trust your attorney and answer all their questions openly and honestly. Do not lie. To craft a defense strategy that stands the best chance of getting a positive result, a lawyer needs the full story and will, in all likelihood, find out the truth eventually anyway. It is always best to be truthful and upfront from the beginning.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer at Mendenhall Law Group?

At Mendenhall Law Group, our team will thoroughly review your situation first and then develop a cost-effective defense strategy that will provide you with the best chance at a positive outcome. We never quote a generic figure because all criminal cases are unique and may require different resources and time commitments.

What we do provide is a confidential initial consultation so that we can review your case and understand the scope of your situation. You can also use this time to ask us questions. With this information, we can then talk about how we may be able to help you and how our flat fee or hourly structure works. Rest assured that even in this dark time, when you contact Mendenhall Law Group, your case is in good hands.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my case go to trial?

A criminal case may not always have to go to trial. There are certain circumstances where a case may be dismissed. This can happen when proper procedures are not followed or if the prosecution cannot prove the charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney can review your situation and talk about your options and the likelihood of a trial.

If I plead guilty, do I still need to hire an attorney?

Yes. You should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney no matter what you plan on pleading. An attorney is your advocate, someone who can protect your rights, review your case, and advise you on the best options that the law provides for resolving your situation.

I’ve learned there is a warrant out for my arrest. What should I do?

When there is probable cause for a crime, a judge can issue an arrest warrant, which authorizes law enforcement to arrest a suspect. If you’re facing an arrest warrant, it’s important that you contact a criminal defense attorney immediately so they can investigate the probable cause and develop a defense strategy on your behalf.

Get in Touch with a Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

If you have been arrested in Akron, Ohio or Boston, MA, it’s crucial that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Do not wait. Hiring an attorney should not be viewed as a stigma or an admission of guilt. It is simply the best way to ensure that your rights are protected.

You deserve a thoughtful and well-crafted defense strategy, and that’s what an attorney with Mendenhall Law Group can provide. Reach out to us today to get the help you need.