COVID-19: How To Help

Published on January 11, 2022


AKRON, OH – We have received thousands of calls and messages from people concerned about  COVID-19 mandates and policies. We have talked with people from all walks of life including nurses, doctors, airline pilots and mechanics, technology executives, line workers, other attorneys, collegiate athletes, all levels of managers, and small business owners. We are all concerned about health and freedom and that of our children, parents, and other family members. 

We also receive calls from people who simply want to help and want to know how to help.

Foremost, thanks to you for standing up for your beliefs despite enormous pressure from employers, schools, and peers. Beginning in 2020, we had the privilege to join the fight against government and corporate overreach. We devoted enormous resources to help people respond to vaccine mandates, masking mandates, and discriminatory practices at school and work.

As anyone involved in legal battles knows, litigation is expensive. Early on, it became clear that we could not sustain these battles without help. The institutions and companies we sue tend to be the richest and largest in the state and our clients don’t have endless funding.

Ohio Stands Up! (“OSU!”) supports those fighting for health freedom.

OSU!, a registered 501(c)4 non-profit legal action organization, helps fund legal battles to promote health freedom and inclusion and diversity of ideas. They have assisted many people who would otherwise have great difficulty raising the needed funds. OSU! holds fundraising events to support strategic cases across Ohio. Their funding helped launch this important litigation.

To join the fight, please donate to Ohio Stands Up! by clicking here. You can read more about their mission here

Thank you for your support!

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